Submit a Claim Report

The Claim Process

Accidents can be stressful, but reporting and processing of your claim should not be. We are committed to working with you to resolve your loss as quickly and efficiently as possible.

You can report an accident to our claims team by calling us at 1(866) 426-8842. Accidents can also be reported online by clicking the Claims tab at the top of the screen. A friendly claims representative will walk you through every step of the process.

Investigating and resolving claims is a very labor intensive process. Our adjusters must gather statements from the involved parties, obtain police reports, and collect documentation related to the accident to address liability and determine fault. Our mission is to resolve your claim quickly and fairly with a process that is customer focused.

When in an accident

It‘s important that you ensure everyone is SAFE and that you gather the right INFORMATION about the incident and parties involved.


    Call 911 if someone has a life threatening injury. Get needed medical attention if the injury is not life threatening.  If vehicles are moveable, move them to a safe place on the shoulder of the road.


    Call the police directly. A police report is an important piece of information in resolving your claim.


    Exchange license plate numbers, contact information and auto insurance information with the other parties involved. Obtain year, make and model of each vehicle involved in the accident. Make sure to get telephone numbers.

Get names of witnesses (if available). The police can be a back up source of information on other parties involved and witnesses.

Take photographs of damages as well as the general scene.  Be sure to capture damage and road/weather conditions.


    As soon as possible, contact us to report your claim.  Call 773 299-7500.